MVP Staffing Solutions and Apprenticeships


Our candidates are MVP’s

“Most Valuable Professionals” have great attitudes and are able to deliver.


Apprenticeship Programs

Growing a workforce of aspiring MVP’s using client-specific curriculum.


The ON-3 Playbook

Staff augmentation, RPO’s, and creative and unique staffing solutions.



At ON-3, we have an Abundance Mentality. We reject the notion of zero-sum games and celebrate the successes of our partners. We believe that there is plenty of prosperity to go around and share profits, recognition and responsibilities between candidates, clients and our company.

Candidate-centric Focus

ON-3 is a staffing solutions agency with a candidate-centric focus. We treat and respect our candidates in the same way that we treat and respect our clients. Our fair and transparent policies attract top talent who are looking for a reputable firm to market and represent them.

Are You A MVP?

We seek out candidates who are “MVP’s” (Most Valuable Professionals); people with emotional intelligence, high IQ’s and great attitudes. They are exceptional, willing to take on new responsibilities, able to adapt and learn anything, and add value. MVP’s are team players and cultural fits!

Accelerate Your Career

ON-3 works with you to grow your skills so that you stay on top of your game and continue to be the Most Valuable Professional. We offer continuing education and our knowledge network is available to share best practices and to post technology inquiries to other ON-3 teammates.

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Specialty Divisions

ON-3 has autonomous divisions that are specialized by specific verticals. These divisions are managed by industry experts and are focused on providing MVP’s through contract, contract-to-hire and direct placement services. Verticals and services include:

  • Multiple Information Technologies, Cybersecurity and IT Support;
  • Finance, Human Resources, and Medical Personnel;
  • Logistics, Manufacturing, and Warehousing;
  • Executive/C-Level/Director/Manager/Analyst; and
  • ERP Solutions – Epicor and PeopleSoft Offerings

Apprenticeship Program

Through our Apprenticeship Program, we provide “aspiring MVP’s” under contract, contract-to-hire and permanent placement arrangements. These soon-to-be superstars attend a boot camp where they learn business acumen and receive intense training specific to our client’s customized curriculum.

Most apprentices are college graduates or have some industry experience. They fill the void for hard-to-find skills and enable our clients to grow a cost-effective workforce. The Program is also a good avenue for corporate citizenship as some trainees are economically disadvantaged, minorities or veterans. Or they simply have great attitudes and the technical prowess to forego college and progress directly into a skilled job.

Open Job Summary

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“Football is like life, it requires perseverance, self-denial, hard work,
sacrifice, dedication and respect for authority.”
– Vince Lombardi