If you’re a “Most Valuable Professional”, ON-3 wants to be your agent. We want to represent you during your next career move and for career changes in the future.

ON-3 is a staffing solutions agency with a candidate-centric focus. We value our consultants and treat them with respect. Our fair, straight forward and transparent policies attract top talent who are interested in working with a reputable firm that is proactive with their careers and willing to market and represent them in their job search.

ON-3 offers continuing education in a multitude of skill sets utilized by our MVPs. In addition, we continually expand our knowledge portal which allows both alumni and current consultants of ON-3 to share best practices and problem solve. Our goal is to always enable everyone to become better at what they do.


If you are an intelligent entry-level professional with a great attitude and a desire to succeed, the ON-3 Apprenticeship Program is the solution for you.

"Aspiring MVP’s” go through basic training where the objective is to evaluate and prep a person’s understanding of the desired skill. Training is web-based, can be completed at your leisure and includes syntax and basic structures. Once you have completed basic training and pass a rudimentary knowledge test, you are eligible for the formal ON-3 Apprenticeship program. This program is an instructor led training course that dives deeper into enterprise level skills, may include client customized curriculum and prepares you for one of our loyal client’s job opportunities.

Franchise Players

Franchise Players are the ON-3 elite. They are MVP’s who have completed three years of ON-3 service and assist our loyal clients in solving complex problems and implementing solutions.

Franchise Players are ON-3 ambassadors who consistently educate our clients regarding ON-3 solutions and offerings. They also recommend, refer and educate their colleagues to the benefits of joining the ON-3 team.

In addition to participating in the ON-3 Profit Distribution Plan, these MVP's of MVP's are eligible for an equity stake when they meet the criteria of the Franchise Player program.

“If you don’t think you’re a winner, you don’t belong here.”
– Vince Lombardi